It all started with a Jackalope.


We were new to Colorado, new at making product, new at marketing ourselves as business owners. We were contacted directly by one of the Jackalope vendor coordinators, in hopes that we would be vendors at their upcoming holiday show in Denver.

We were blown away that someone would let alone notice us, but ask us to be a part of their event? Whoa. 

Of course, we submitted our application; months later we were officially accepted, and then we started the process of pumping out products for what, we could only assume, be enough for such a large event.

We learned a lot that first event. First and foremost, we learned that we had too many products to offer our consumer; our options were nearly endless and somewhat overwhelming. Second of all, we learned that we made really good products. People loved the way our products looked and smelled - plus the added natural healing benefits of each of the products! Additionally, we learned that we loved selling our products, and we love to help people heal holistically.

When we arrived back home in Pagosa Springs, we knew that some changes needed to be made, and so we made them. February 1, 2017, we launched the Wood and Water tea line, and it has only grown leaps and bounds since then.

This last weekend marked one year since that Jackalope holiday market in Denver, and we were, once again, honored to be a part of such an amazing event. The connections we have made over this last year with fellow artisans and fellow business owners, plus a solid customer-base in the Denver area, was evident by the support we received.

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As we roll into 2018, and are launching into Tea Parties, the Wood and Water tea line will only be available through Independent Sales Reps. Knowing this, we have debated and deliberated in continuing to do festivals – especially our dear Jackalope Art Fair. The conclusion we have come to is this: until we have several Independent Sales Reps in the Denver area, we will continue Jackalope – and ONLY Jackalope!

So, cheers to the soap makers and the cookie bakers, the yarn twiners and jewelry designers!

Until next time . . .