the tea party

The last few weeks have been just absolutely non-stop. Non-stop in a good way, because non-stop means things are happening, ideas are turning into reality; we are seeing the fruits of our hard-work and dedication and perseverance. It really has been a beautiful time of balance; understanding when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no', when to move forward and when to let go. We have learned a lot, we have brainstormed a lot, we have been supported not just here locally, but nationally, as we have TEN Independent Sales Reps on board to start selling our teas via Tea Parties in just a few shorts months. How exciting is that?!

Why Tea Parties?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Over the course of the last year and a half, we have found that when people are given the chance to interact with our products, they are way more likely to purchase the product. An example of this is that when our teas were being sold in grocery stores, people did not have the opportunity to smell, feel, or taste the teas prior to purchasing, making the decision to purchase really difficult. However, when our teas were put on display at an event, where people could see the teas and smell the teas, and we could educate them on the teas, they were more prone to buy the teas.

Enter the idea for Tea Parties.

If people were more prone to purchase when they could see and smell the teas, we believe that given the opportunity to learn about each tea in a serene environment while sampling the teas, the consumer would be even more prone to give herbal tea a chance. But there are only two of us. How do we reach more people at one time?

Enter the Wood and Water Independent Sales Reps.

Let me just take a moment to gush sentiments of gratitude to these women who have signed up to represent Wood and Water. We are absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this journey with such like-minded people; with the support of our reps, we will be able to help more people find natural remedies for ailments they are already seeking solutions for. By executing Tea Parties in the homes of the hosts, our Independent Sales Reps will be educating the guests on the simple, healing aspects of our teas; they will be engaging these guests through authentic, personal conversation; they will be enriching the lives of the guests and hosts through the positive impact they make, ultimately empowering the guest to take back responsibility for their own health. 

So, in the next couple of months, while we are preparing to launch this incredible phase of Wood and Water, we ask for your continued support: your shares on social media, your purchases of our product, your sending of good vibes and positive energy, and your understanding of a not-so-weekly blog.